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I’m having a few issues with osteopenia/osteoprosis.  So, to help correct the issues, my one of my docs has put me on a well known drug for osteoprosis.  And, no, I’m not a post-menopausal woman.  The first time I tried to take it, I was on the weekly version of the drug.  Within eight hours of the first dose, I became VERY sore.  Very muscle and joint in my body hurt, and it continued to hurt for three days.  So, I stopped taking it until after the half marathon.

I consulted my doctor, and he put me on the daily version of the drug.  He wanted me to take it a day, then take two off, then take it a day, take one off, etc.  I did this for a little while, and didn’t have any real side effect.  So, I have now been taking it for 4 days straight.  The pain came back starting at about 1 PM today, and it’s worse.  I can barely stand up, and there is NO WAY I could think about running. 

I know I need the med, but I can’t continue to be in this much pain.  So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board.  I plan to tell my doc that I am not interested in taking any more of this class of drug.  Might be time to work on Vitamin D and testosterone.  The good news is that I went to the podiatrist today, and although he cut at my wart again, it doesn’t hurt.  Or at least, I can’t feel it due to the muscle and joint pain.


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I’ve always been interested in the martial arts, hence the black belt in Aikido.  I heard a great quote the other night, “You can’t tell someone who has achieved enlightenment what to do, because they already know.”  There are times I feel like this in my life.  I feel this way the most when it comes to my health.  I’m not saying I don’t listen to my docs, but I usually have a pretty good idea what’s going on and how it will be fixed. That’s the beauty of the relationship I have with my CF center.  They trust that I know myself better than they do, and they really do listen to me. 

Recently, since about the end of April, I’ve felt this about my running.  I can tell, for instance, if I’m running too slowly.  Slow isn’t bad, actually, it’s good.  But, when I try to slow myself too much, I end up with a short choppy stride.  That causes my shins to scream and my Morton’s Neuroma to do a lot of talking the next day.  I can also tell what kind of run I’m going to have before I go, and can usually make attitude adjustments to make the run better. 

I haven’t been running much lately due to injury and the smog alerts.  I’m hoping that will all change when school is out for the kids.  We are having a friend watch them, so I should be able to run any morning.  That will really help with the smog and heat.  The injuries are much better now.  I’ve got a little better than a month to get ready for the Firecracker 5000 on July 4th.  I’m shooting for a 9 minute mile, so around a 28:00 5k.  Maybe better if I can get the milage up to 30 or so by then, and get back to my tempo runs.  Maybe I need to use some of that Enlightenment feeling on my outlook for the race.  Adjust my attitude to a 27:00 or under.  Of course, I can’t adjust the weather or the heat/humidity.

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A Little Better

I ran an easy 3 miles this morning at 7:30.  I was in much better control and ran fairly even splits, 10:10, 10:16, 10:18.  I was happy with that, although my heart rate crept up during the last mile.  I’ll probably do a few more 3 and 4 mile runs this week, and then hit a long run of 6 or 8 over the weekend.  At that point, I’ll feel more comfortable starting to work on my base. 

My right hip hurts again.  I injured it late last year, but it hasn’t bothered me since.  I know it’s from my care free run on Tuesday.  It will get better, especially after I do some ice massage on it tonight.  If I feel better tomorrow morning, I’ll do another 3 miles early.  If not, I’ll take the day off and let Kristen work on the flower bed she’s been wanting to clean up.

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So, I now remember why I didn’t run much last summer. I don’t like the heat, humidity, or smog.  I ran tonight, in 88 degree weather.  I survived the first mile, but the second killed me.  I walked home anothe 3/4 of a mile.  I plan to try again tomorrow at 6:00 AM, things should go better. 

I’m working on my weight and my blood sugar issues.  I’d like to lose about 15 pounds, and get rid of my beer belly. My blood sugars are a little off. My fasting levels have been over 100 for about two weeks, and I have figured out that my body no longer likes refined sugars, like mountain dew, candy, snacks, etc.  So, I’m going to start cutting them out or at least reducing the amount.  It will be tough, but it has many benefits.  More tomorrow on my first AM run in a while.

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I finally got to go out for a run.  It’s been two and a half weeks since the pig.  It was hot tonight, 85 degree F.  I started out easy, or what felt easy, and ran a 9:08.  That’s fast for me.  I slowed down the second mile because I walked about 2-3 minutes, and ended up with a 11:23 second mile.  I ran a 9:57 third mile and ended up walking about 1 minute of that. 

I continue to feel good with my new longer stride.  The run tonight felt easy, although my heart rate showed that it was actually a hard run.  I think most of that is related to the heat and the 2.5 week layoff.  But, this proves to me that I can run faster than I thought.  I just need to build up to it and not get myself injured again.  I’m sure my groin pull will bother me tomorrow, but I’m ok with that.  I did stretch after the run, which I hope will help.

Also, I added a link to my running log on CoolRunning.com.  It’s in the blogroll on the right column.

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 You have to love the classic lines, like tonight’s title.  This line, delivered by Edwina in Raising Arizona.  This line is during the final battle for the Arizona baby.  Soon after this line, the Lone Biker of the Apocolypse is blown up when Edwina pulls the pin’s on his hand grenade vest.  Interestingly enough, this same actor is blown up by a hand grenade in the movie Uncommon Valor.  I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I am…

 I went to the podiatrist today.  He’s very happy with the progress of my Morton’s Neuroma.  He says that I will always feel it, because he can’t actually shrink the size of the nerve itself.  But, he thinks that it will be ok long term.  He is also going to modify my orthotics, the arches are too high.  Back to the podiatrist.  He is working on removing a wart from the great toe on my right foot.  Today, he cut off about half of my foot.  It really hurts, especially with a shoe on.  Thank god I have the tylenol 3 laying around.  Hopefully it will be better soon. 

I may never wear actually my orthotics, because over the last month my running form has changed for the better.  It’s hard to explain, but when I get a high leg kick after push off nothing really hurts.  On top of that, I can really go faster. Earlier this year, my running was with a very short choppy stride.  But, my longer stride has really helped me overall.  In fact, after the Half Marathon neither my shins nor my neuroma hurt.  And, I ran some very fast, at least for me, splits.  You can see that here.

My groin pull and sinus infection are both doing much better.

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It’s been a week and a half since my last run.  My pulled groin still hurts, and I know that running now will just aggravate the injury.   I’m itching to run, and I hope to be back this weekend. 

I officially have a sinus infection.  My doc put me to Cipro 750 twice a day.  It will really help, but it will cause me to be very sensitive to sunlight.  So, looks like lots of sun block for me. 

When I do start back, I’ll probably try to get about 15 miles in per week for the first few.  Then start building.  I plan to use the Daniel’s Running Formula, and probably start with the Red Plan.   It will be good to get back.

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