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Getting Better

  How do we get better?

  I’m working at getting better in a couple of ways.  First, not in order of importance, but still first.  Getting better at running.  I’ve decided many times that I want to get better and faster.  But, until now, I’ve never really done it.  Yesterday, I took the first steps.  Those were some hard and fast steps too.  I’m working on a program by Pete Pfitzinger and the first quality workout is geared toward improving the VO2Max.  The workout is a series of fast repeats.  They are supposed to be between 95% – 98% of Heart Rate Reserve.  For me, that’s between 185 and 189.  Let me tell you, I was about 13 BPM low on my workouts.  Talk about hell.  Anyway, I’ll get better at them and at running.  Next week I start the Lactate Threshold training, which improves speed at specific distance, i.e. Endurance Training.

  Second, probably first in order of importance, health.  Ok, people with CF, like me, typically have issues with this one.  Now, I’m very lucky, I’m very healthy.  But, I have things that I need to improve.  My weight, I’m about 10 pounds too heavy still.  I know, people with CF need the extra weight.  But, it’s not good to have extra weight in distance running.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far and need to lose another 10.  Also, my glucose control needs some work.  Now, I’m not diabetic, but my fasting level is too high.  The nice thing is that the weight loss is really helping. 

  The last is to improve my lungs.  Well, I can’t really do that.  But, by helping to support the CF Foundation and the research they do, I can help myself.  I can also be a lab rat, which I have been many, many times.  I’ve gotten benefits from Pulmozyme, Tobi, Cayston (aztreonam), VX-809, and many others.  I’ve also seen my share of disappointments, namely Gene Therapy and CPX.  But, it’s by taking some of those chances that I’ve gotten where I am now.

  The final area I’m working to improve is leadership.  Most people think of leadership as a work thing.  Not me!  I, of course, want to get better for work and my career.  I also want to improve my leadership to help CF (if I could just qualify for Boston…that would help alot), leadership for my family, and of course for my dog.  (Leo has some separation anxiety issues, I’m hoping leadership will help fix them) 

  Leadership is hard.  It’s hard because sometimes you have to say or do the hard thing.  I’ve been in that situation at work this week.  And, maybe I’m fighting the absolute wrong fight, but I feel passionate about it.  I’ve had three different situations this week where people have told me “Thanks for saying that.  It’s exactly what I was feeling, but I didn’t feel comfortable expressing it.”  Well, that’s probably code for “I’m glad you’re going to get in trouble, and not me!”  But, honestly, I think that it’s important to say what you feel is right.  Leadership isn’t easy, but without leaders we never get anywhere.

    I hope I do get better at all of these things.  I hope that the changes can make a difference.  Don’t be afraid to get better.  Don’t be afraid to lead.


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