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Out of Action….

  So, I hurt myself.  The best part is that it wasn’t running related at all.  Last Sunday, Victoria and I ran 9 miles.  No problems, felt great.  Since it was the last weekend before Michael start first grade, we decided to do something fun.  So, I took him to Coney Island in Cincinnati to ride the rides, etc.  While we were riding, I would brace him so that he wouldn’t fly all over the seats, etc.  I ended up bracing myself with my right foot.  Turns out I strained my Achilles Tendon.  It’s not killing me, but I don’t want to make it worse by running. 

  So, I’m spending my time rehab’ing it.  Stretches, Vitamin-I, Aleve, and ice are my friends right now.  I’m going to try to run a little on it tonight.  If it feels ok, then I’ll still do my long run with Victoria tomorrow.  If not, then this will be a “cut back” week. 

  I bought a new pair of shoes last night.  My Nimbus VIII’s have 250 miles on them, so it’s time to start breaking in a new pair.  I bought the Nimbus IX, I’ll have to see how the feel in a run, but I like them so far.  I hope to get another 150 – 200 miles out of my VIII’s.  I want to have the IX’s well broken in before the half. 

  By the way, I think Victoria and I have finally agreed to run the Dayton River Corridor Classic.  It’s a small race, about 750 entries, and only a half marathon, no full..  But, it also starts at 9 AM, and is only an hour drive.  They also give you splits for each mile, which will be nice.  Our TFL coach is also going to run it, so that will be a nice “reunion.”  Maybe we’ll have lunch with him after or someting.  That’s all for now.


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  So, I had two firsts today.  First, the easy one.  I hit 28 miles of running this week.  Victoria and I ran 8 miles last Sunday, and I ran four days of five miles each the rest of the week.  I feel good, although my shins are a little tired.  It will be interesting to see how tomorrow’s 9 miler goes.  I hope to get to 30 miles next week.

  Second, and much more impressive, my FEV1 level hit 80% at my study appointment yesterday.  FEV1 stands for Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second.  So, basically, how much air you can get out of your lungs in 1 second.  Mine has been around 72-74% for quite a while.  That’s a little below normal, but not bad.  The normal range is 80% – 120% of the predicted value.  So, I guess the 80% makes me “nomal.”  Ok, I’m not normal, I know that. 

  I’m currently doing a Phase III Research study for a CF related antibiotic named Aztreonam Lysine.  It’s another weapon in fighting the ongoing battle of lung infections in CF.  It’s 18 months of drug, and I know I’m actually on the drug because it is not a blind study.  I’m sure part of my Pulmonary Functions increase is related to the running, but most is probably related to the drug.

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  Sunday was an 8 mile long run, and it felt good.  We ended up crossing the Ohio River, running through Sawyer Point, then down to Paul Brown Stadium.  We then came back to the Taylor Southgate bridge, ran down route 8 through Bellevue and into Dayton, and then back to our starting point.  The temp was about 72 degrees with mild humidity, but it didn’t feel bad at all.  My heart rate was good, with an average of 155.  Weird thing is at the end of the run, my HRM spiked to 191.  I must have run past something it didn’t like, because I know it wasn’t that high.

  Today, I ran 5 miles.  I felt strong after my rest day yesterday.  I ran a fairly hilly route and ended up running a 10:25 average.  The cool thing is that my HR again averaged 155, which is about 11 BPM under my half marathon range.  I plan to run a tempo run tomorrow.  1.5 mile warm-up, a 20 minute tempo at 9:20’s, and then another 1.5 cooldown.  I want to make sure that I do them until we get to the Half.  I really think it will help bring my time down.

  I really miss having a running partner during the week.  Maureen has just not been motivated this summer, which is fine.  Running five miles that early is good because of the temperature, but it would be better to have someone to talk with.  Oh well, I guess it will make me stronger for the race.

  I’m also coming down with a head cold.  I’m hoping that a series of drugs will help keep it at bay.  I’m supposed to go the CF Clinic next week, so I should get a cold about now anyway.  As long as it’s only a head cold, I’ll still run.

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  I just broke the 200 mile barrier on my Asics Gel-Nimbus VIII’s.  This is the first pair of shoes that I’ve been able to use this long.  I’ve had many issues with shin splints, shin, knee pain, and a Morton’s Neuroma.  We finally figured it all out this year. 

  It turns out that I’m a neutral foot on my left side and an underpronator on my right.  Makes it a little weird to get shoes.  The Nimbus has been great.  I don’t notice any pain when I run in them.  I know that at first, it was the shoes.  At this point, I’m not sure if it’s the shoes or just that my body is much more conditioned to running.  Either way, I’m glad that is all behind me.

  So far this year, I’ve run 418.7 miles.  Not bad, but I could have done much better.  I hope to be up to 35 miles per week before I get to the October Half.  From there, I’d like to get to around 50 by the time we start training for the full in January.

   I guess it’s time to get a second pair of Nimbus so I can have them broken in by the half.

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I Feel Good

  I ran 5 miles on both Tuesday and Wednesday.  I feel really good, and am happy to report that I’m not really that sore or tired.  I plan to run 5 more tomorrow morning, and then will be forced to take at least Friday off. 

  I’ve been able to get back to my true midfoot strike lately.  I’ve noticied that when I do this, it is much easier to keep my speed and turnover up.  Also, it just seems easier to run.  Today, it was hotter and more humid, but still my average heart rate was down to 153.  I actually saw a few times I was at 150.  I’m happy about that.

  Victoria and I are still in the process of training for a fall half marathon.  At this point, it’s still Indianapolis, but may change.  We are going to run 8 miles on Sunday, which I should be able to do easily if my foot is ok.  I’m hoping to get at least one 14 or 15 miler in before we run it.  I’d still like to make it under 2:00:00.  That’s a big milestone.

  I’m a little surprised with my blog lately.  I’ve been getting a lot of hits.  Not sure if it’s friends, other Cool Runners, or maybe the Flying Pig committee.  Doesn’t matter.  I guess I’m just happy to have people sharing my adventure.  The more hits I get, the more inclined I have been to write.  Again, thanks for reading.

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  … a day makes.  First, I took Monday off from running.  My shins and quads were just tired. So, this morning, I ran 5 miles.  I didn’t run fast, but I’m doing easy runs right now.  I’ll start up the tempo runs again in two weeks.  I ran the 5 in about 10:45’s.  The nice thing is that my heart rate was at least 5, if not 8 points lower than last week. 

  The HR was also lower because it was much cooler this morning.  It was about 63F and a dew point in the mid 50’s, which makes for great running.  Especially since it’s been 79-81F the previous mornings.  The combination of a day off and the lower temp/humidity made for a nice run.  I’m hoping to get 5 in on Wednesday night, and another 5 on Thursday morning.  I will be off at least Friday due to the visit to the podiatrist. 

  I really haven’t written much about the CF piece of this journey, but that’s because it hasn’t really played much of a role to this point.  Honestly, it’s not my lungs that are holding me back, it’s just a matter of putting in the miles.  I have been more diligent about doing my vest over the past few weeks.  I’ve been slacking off on that a little, not doing it long enough, etc.  It will be interesting to see the change in my PFT when I get back to CCHMC for my study visit.  It should be up somewhat.  Not a big deal to me, as the change hasn’t been a large one.

  I’m still waiting to see if the Flying Pig Marathon will be using my blog on their site.  I’m not holding my breath, but I think it would be an interesting story.

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Too Much

  Ok, so maybe going from 4 miles two weeks ago to 24 this week was a mistake.  I’m not injured, but very tired.  I know part of it is the increase in milage.  I haven’t been running 4 miles forever, but with my visit to the podiatrist, that’s all I could get in that week.  This week, I went back to running 5 days.  Yesterday was a disaster.  Vic and I were scheduled to run 7 miles.  After 3 miles, my shins and quads were just dead.  I just couldn’t lift them again.  So, we cut it short.  We also had a good talk about the marathon training, and trying to find the time to run 45 or so miles a week.

  I do think that the heat has something to do with my exhaustion.  Even when I’m not running I’m hot.  It’s been 90+ here in the Cincinnati area for 13 days straight, today will make it 14.  The kids, Kristen and I have been swiming a lot, which is about the only thing we can do in the heat.  My poor back yard has not been cut in about a month!

  My plan this week is to run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  I go back to the podiatrist for more pain on Thursday.  I hope to be able to run Saturday and then Sunday.  I’m not counting on it.  I also plan to start working on my nutrition this week.  I need to be eating more carbs and less fat.  I’d really like to lose about 15 pounds.  It’s just tough because I am usually very hungry after I run.  I do, however, need to cut out the Mountain Dew at work.  That’s an extra 300-600 calories per day that I don’t really need.

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