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Just a bunch of random thoughts tonight. 

Health Care Reform

  Ok, I don’t know anything about politics and I don’t claim too.  I know that something needs to be done, however.  I just found out that my health insurance premiums for next year are going to go up 50%.  That’s bad, but I’ve good insurance so I’ll take that.

  But, as a CF patient, I have enough medical expense.  Let’s list out the meds alone.  Albuterol $10, Pulmozyme $40, Tobi $40, Ultrase $20, Synthroid $20, Mirapex $20, Nasonex $20, Azythromycin $10, Flovent $20, Patanol $20.  So, that’s $210 per month, just for meds.  And, of course, most of those will go to $40 next year (just my guess).  This doesn’t include the doc visits.  And of course my wife and kids have bills too.  It’s crazy.  I know that’s not what needs to be fixed, but it’s the part that I see each and every day.

Shock to the System

  My new friend Tara is going through a very tough time.  She’s 34 and a former elite tri-athlete.  On September 1, she was diagnosed with CF.  I can’t imagine what she’s going through.  She I don’t know life without CF.  She did and I guess still remembers it.  Well, Tara, when you read this, things will get better.  You once said you were pondering the meaning of your life now. Well, I can tell you what I think it should be.  You should use your experiences and physical talents to inspire the rest of the CF patients out there.  Even though you now you have CF now, you also had it when you were winning tri’s.  Use that to show people what they can do to overcome challenges.  That’s just my opinion.  BTW, I’m still going to push you to come run The Pig with me.

Hug Me!

  Ok, not literally.  My ankle needs it.  I go back to the doc on Tuesday and hope to be able to walk again.  I’m not holding my breath however.  Well, I think there’s a chance.  See, my ankle has been hurting lately.  It’s my deltoid ligament, on the inside of my ankle.  It’s only when I sleep and I think it’s because I move it too much when I sleep.  It feels much better when I keep it wrapped.  So, I guess until Tuesday, it’s going to stay wrapped as much as I can bear.  Like I said, I just need a hug.

Good Luck Kelby

  My friend Kelby is running her first full marathon tomorrow.  She’s running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.  I won’t tell you what her goal is, in case she doesn’t make it.  If she does, however, I’ll sing her praises here on my next post.  Good luck tomorrow Kelby.  Remember, it’s not the 26 miles that kills you, it’s the 0.2 at the end.  Also, remember to have fun.  There’s nothing like finishing you’re first full.


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Two More Weeks

  Hopefully in two weeks I’ll get my foot out of this stupid boot.  I know it’s in my best interest to wear it and rehab my ankle correctly.  But, this is a real pain in the butt.  Last Thursday I found out that I’ve officially torn three ligaments in my right ankle.  Three complete tears.  Here’s what it looked like a day after the injury. 
One Day After the Injury

One Day After the Injury

  The biggest concern is the deltoid ligament on the inside of my ankle.  According to the doc, it’s 50/50 on surgery vs healing.  We’ve decided to go the conservative route and just let it heal.  He also says that about 15% of the people need to have surgery afterwards.  I really hope I don’t have to do that.  I think I’ll go completely insane.
  I can tell you that there are no real added benefits to crutches, other than the rest on the ankle.  They hurt, you can’t carry anything, you can’t do much of anything at all.  I really feel useless.
  I also feel guilty having my wife do all of the stuff with the kids.  She has to drive them to school, take them everywhere, etc.  We’ve also had to enlist friends to get the kids from school.  And, don’t even ask about yard.  With all the rain, my back yard is starting to look like a cross between a Vietnamese jungle and a mushroom field.  It’s really ugly.  Oh, and my poor dog Leo.  He’s not getting nearly enough exercise.
  So, keep your fingers crossed that I get this boot off on the 27th.
P.S. – The kids and Kristen had H1N1 last week.  They’ve survived it.  I haven’t gotten it yet, thanks to my pulmonary doc and TamiFlu.

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  Yesterday afternoon I began replying to “How are you?” with “I’ve had better days.”  Both the kids woke up sick yesterday morning and my wife Kristen was also sick.  I went about trying to help them all feel better, take some care of the dog, and get ready for work.  All this while on crutches.

  By about 9 AM, Michael had spiked a fever to around 101F.  Kristen and I decided that a trip to the doctor was in order.  So we took them both together.  They asked that she and the kids wear masks, and I grabbed one also.  After an exam, a nasal swab, and about 15 minutes we learned that both kids tested positive for the H1N1 virus. 

  Now, this didn’t surprise us at all.  In fact, we were concerned that they had it.  We needed to know so I could get TamiFlu.  Michael is also on TamiFlu, as he has asthma.  Kristen didn’t is assumed to have H1N1, but was not tested.  They all have a nasty cough, headache, sore throat, and significant fatigue.  Interestingly, Kristen doesn’t have a fever.  The CDC says that 30% of H1N1 cases are without fever.

  So, for the next few days, it’s going to be lots of liquids, tylenol, advil, and rest for the three of them.  And, I’ll hope that the TamiFlu keeps me from getting this. 

  Oh, and I do have to complain a bit here.  My insurance plan through work (H@#$#A) sucks.  They have TamiFlu as a Tier 3 drug.  So, we threw away $40 for each of the Rx of TamiFlu.  I’m sorry, but in a year that they know there’s going to be a high demand for a drug they make sure that it’s the highest Tier.  They’ve also been taking all of my CF related meds to Tier 3 also.  About 1-2 per year.  I can’t wait to see what happens next year with the insurance.

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