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What I did on my Summer Vacation

  On the first day of my Summer Vacation, I woke up, then I went for a nine hour drive.  Then, I hung out on the beach.  Yes, I just got back from Myrtle Beach with my wife and Kids.  We spent a lot of time at the pool and on the beach.  We also ate alot of junk, I’m scared of the scale tomorrow.  I had dropped about 3.5 lbs before I left.  I’m sure I’ve gained that back, hopefully not more. 

  What I didn’t do on vacation was run.  I wanted to, I really did.  But, it was too hot and humid and the kids had us running all the time.  On top of that, I had no access to my vest, so my beathing isn’t too great right now.  It’s not bad, I’m just junkie, for lack of a better term.  I’m supposed to run a 5k on Friday, and I’ll be able to do that… but it won’t be a PR.

  I also determined, again, that I’m fat.  Yes, I know that the camera adds 10 pounds, but it doesn’t matter.  The pictures of me are of a fat guy.  And, with all the crap I ate this week, I’m back on the healthy eating wagon.  I feel horrible because I basically ate nothing that was good for me all week. 

  Ok, anyway, the vacation.  We spent a lot of time swimming.  My son, Michael, is so very close to being a fish, it’s amazing. He’s basically figured out how to swim underwater, but he keeps holding his nose.  And, if I could get him to let go of his nose, he’d be able to swim freestyle beautifully.  Maybe I can get Amye to teach him how to really swim.  My daughter was a challenge.  She was up at 5 AM or so most of the days, even though she went to bed late.

  On Tuesday we went to Charleston, SC to see the USS Yorktown museum.  Wow, that was neat.  It’s really full of history and amazing that something that big can float.  The ladies went to downtown Charleston and took a carriage ride, etc.  We all had fun.

  Friday was the best day, we went to the Ripley’s aquarium, then to lunch at Uno’s, to the pool and then jumping waves at High Tide.  A great last day.

  Starting tomorrow it’s back to running and taking care of myself in an effort to lose 20 pounds.  Oh, and get ready to run two marathons next year.

  Today, we woke up at 3:30 AM and drove for 13 hours to get home (3 hours of stops in there, just FYI).  I’m so tired, I don’t think I can sleep.  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the trip.


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  Since I revealed my evil plan in my last post (Don’t tell me I didn’t.  It’s not my fault you can’t ready white text on a white background!), I guess I can discuss the details.  So, officially, the Evil Plan is to run both the Boston and Flying Pig marathons for the CF Foundation in 2009. 

  Ok, for those of you saying that a 4:30:52 runner has no shot at making Boston in the next year, you’re right.  I’m going to go the charity route.  There are a couple of good reasons.  First, I don’t know that I will ever be able to run a 3:10 marathon.  Sorry, the lungs just don’t have it in them, and I can’t train too hard in the summer.  Second, as a CF Patient, you learn that you can’t count on being healthy.  I should still be in good shape in a year, but after that I have no idea.  Running Boston has been a goal, and I will still try to qualify for it. 

  So, my CF doc is working on trying to get me two numbers for Boston 2009.  One for me and one for my good friend (and running partner) Amye.  She is confident that she can get the bibs so, I’ll continue from there.  We’re not sure if we’ll run the half or the full in the Pig.  I was set on the half, but Amye put the idea out there that she may run the full Pig.  I don’t know if my determined (I’m not stubborn, I’m determined) personality will let me pass on that goal. 

  We talked to Wayne about it, and he thought it was a great idea.  I was concerned that being a Boston qualifier, he may be a little taken back at the idea of running it for charity.  I’ve finally told Kelby and Mo, via my last post.  But, neither of them could find the white on white text prank.  Some people just don’t see that stuff.  Kelby is going to check with the Boston CFF to see what she can find out. 

  There are several things that I need to take care of before next year.  I need to get the hotel stuff taken care of immediately.  I’ll do that today.  I need to get faster over the summer.  I’ve started the Jack Daniel’s Red training plan.  It’s got two quality days per week, which I’ve been able to do.  The long runs are about 6-7 miles which is perfect for the summer heat.  Once the summer is over, I need to start right back into base building.  I’d like to hit 40+ miles per week before the marathon training starts in December.  I’d like to peak near 60 or so.  If I could get someone like Greg McMillan to donate coaching, that would be great.  I don’t think that’s going to happen though. 

  On the CF/Health side, I have a few things to address also.  I need to lose some weight.  166 is to heavy to be running all these miles.  I’ve already started working on that piece, and have lost 4 pounds.  I’ll probably need to go through the battery of tests, etc. before I run the goal marathons.  Again, just to make sure I’m not going to drop over.  Also, I may need to get my Morton’s Neuroma fixed via alcohol injections.  It’s been bothering me lately, and I don’t think it will hold up forever.  And, I’ll need to stock up on salt capsules!!!!

  So, that’s the basic plan.  I know, I’m nuts.  But, I needed another goal, and the torture of 2 marathons in three weeks sounded like a great form.

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  I haven’t posted in quite a while, life has been in the way.  Since last night was TFL 2008 Reunion Party, I thought it was a great chance to post.  We had a good group show up for the party.  Wayne (aka Coach), his wife Anita, Trish and Scott, Kelby (our CFF coordinator), Vic, Mo, Dan, Andy, Erin, Amye, Juan, …  I know I didn’t get everyone, but oh well. 

  It was fun to see everyone, to hear and tell stories from the marathon, and just talk to them all.  I think that most of us agree that we go through some withdraw from the team in the weeks after the Pig.  I think that we have about 10 people interested in running the 2008 Dayton River Corridor Classic this year.  That will be fun. 

  Wayne is officially coming back next year, which is great news.  Kelby will also be back, so we should have a great start right there.  I know that everyone at the party plans to be back next year.  We are also planning to recruit Randi Rico from Cincinnati’s Channel 5 to the team.  She did my interview and said that she would love to run a half some day.  So, Randi, if you’re reading this, be prepared for a call or email late this year.

  I did have a few conversations about the Evil Plan.  They all went well.  I did have a conversation with Wayne about it, and he agrees that it’s a great idea.  He was very supportive and said that he would tell me if he thinks I’m crazy.  He wants to make sure that there is more media attention on the fact that I’m running a marathon next year.   After last night, I should be able to reveal the evil plan very soon.

  It was great to see everyone last night, and I really had a great time.  It was great to see everyone and get updates on how they were.   I said soon, so here it is. Amye and I are going to run both Boston and the Pig for the CF Foundation next year. More on that later.

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