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  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and I’ve been ridiculously busy.  So, let me sum up the past two weeks.  First, I do not have a torn meniscus.  It was only a bone bruise.  As my doc said, “You should have blown out your knee, but you didn’t.”  Lucky me. 

  However, I’ve been sick as a dog.  Michael shared his cold with me.  That cold turned into a sinus infection, which moved to my chest.  I basically couldn’t move from the couch this weekend.  I was just exhausted.  Luckily my pulmonologist just called in three antibiotics for me.  I really think if she had seen me, she may have said the dreaded IV word.  After 5 days of meds, I feel much better.

  Speaking of dogs, Leo is getting big.  He’s up to about 42 pounds or so.  Here’s a picture of him.  He’s a good looking pup, if I do say so myself.  He’s also a very good (and laid back) dog.

Leo lounging around the house

Leo lounging around the house

  In the running world, I finally watched “Spirit of the Marathon.”  I found it on Hulu and I really enjoyed it.  It really inspired me to start running again.  Too bad I felt like I was going to die for a week after watching it.  As for the actual running, what’s that.  I haven’t run in a few months, but I plan to start up again soon.  Probably on 9/1.  It should be starting to get cooler by then and I’ll actually be ready.  Until then, I’m working on some core and leg strengthening.  I really want to get faster and be able to go longer this year.  I’d like to finish The Pig without walking near the end.  I also need to be ready for the Run Like Hell, will you be there?

  Michael started 3rd grade this year.  He has the dream classroom this year.  He basically has all of his friends in the class.  He should have a great year.  Kristen started her new job and is working on the H1N1 Flu vaccine study at Children’s.  Too bad the CDC won’t let the employees get the vaccine.  I guess that would make too much sense.

  My brother Matt’s restaurant, Virgil’s, had a four page write up in Cincinnati Magazine this month.  The editor fell in love with the pastrami sandwich.  It was a very good review.  I’m sure it will make his live much busier.  By the way, if you think of going on a weekend, make a reservation.  Otherwise, you probably won’t get in.

  And finally, this weekend is my 25th High School Reunion.  I hate to inform you all that I won’t be there.  Sorry, it’s not my thing.  If you’re a friend of mine, you see me enough.  If you’re not a friend of mine, why are you concerned about my reunion.

  That’s life in a nutshell over the last few weeks.  I’ll try to post more often, but you know how that goes.


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