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  Today was the 99th running of the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race.  This is an annual 10k, and obviously, run on Thanksgiving day.  It’s really a great way to get your Thanksgiving started.  This year there were 11,490 finishers, which is a pretty good size race. 

  My friend Jen was running her first 10k ever, and my plan was to stay with her the entire way.  We were going to have a good group, including Jen, Dave, Ralph, Victoria, Amye, and Erin.  We waited at the meeting place until about 8:50, and then headed up to the start line.  We never did see Erin or Amye, and as it turns out they forgot where we were meeting. 

  When we moved to the starting line, we fragmented.  I was with Ed (we picked him up along the way), Jen, and Dave.  When the race started, we walked to the starting line.  It took 8 minutes to get there.  Almost immediately, I had lost everyone.  Ed took off on me, and I was ahead of Jen and Dave.  So, being stuck in no man’s land, I decided to just run.  Now, this was a complete change of plans for me.  I intended to run with Jen and support her through her first 10k.  In fact, I ran four 9:00 miles on Wednesday night just to tire my legs out for the race.  I really did want to run slow.

  Well, as they say “The best layed plans of mice and men…”  I ran fast, but not too fast as I didn’t want to wind up walking at the end.  I figured that if I was going to be alone, I may as well push to some degree.  My first mile went by in 9:29.  Not bad for having to weave my way through a lot of slower people. 

  I pushed a little harder for miles 2 and 3, running those in 8:37 and 8:56 respectively.  All this time, I had been hoping to run into Amye and Erin, or Victoria, or someone.  Well, at about 3.4 I did.  I found Amye running alone.  Erin and Renee were about 100 yards ahead of her.  I ran with her the rest of the way.  Amye told me that she’s been sick for two weeks.  She was coughing and sounded horrible.  Mile four was a 9:46, including a 30 second walk for a water break for Amye. 

  Mile four and five both have bridges in them, which always means a hill.  We managed them well, but walked about 45 seconds on the last bridge.  Amye was breathing pretty hard but she wouldn’t slow down, since I’m mentioned needing to keep my streak of beating Victoria.  As it turns out, I didn’t beat her, and I wouldn’t have anyway.  She ended up beating me by two minutes.  At least now she can stop bragging about beating me by three seconds at the run like hell, when we were just running for fun.  And, I still say that when someone outlives their life expectancy by 21 years, they can come talk to me.

  Anyway, back to the report.  Mile 5 was a 9:45, but again, about a 45 second walk break to let Amye breathe.  I know she didn’t need it, but I wanted to make sure she was ok and not pushing for me.  We picked up the pace on mile 6, talking about Cris Dopher, a CF marathoner in New York.  He was on CBS a couple weeks ago.  We also saw a little boy trying to climb out of a jog stroller.  Both Amye and I talked to him and told him how great he was doing.  After that, I think I shocked Amye by asking her a very personal question.  I don’t think I offended her, but I think I surprised her.  I’d been meaning to ask the question for a while, but never had a chance since we were always running with someone.  (Sorry if I shocked you Amye, but I needed to know I wasn’t changing any of your plans so you could run Boston with me!)

  Mile 6 was a 8:56 and felt good.  I always feel better when I run with someone and I was very happy that I had found Amye.  We have a good connection and I think we run well together.  The last .2 miles were at a 8:17 pace.  Amye and I had our pictures taken together again.  I said that this was becoming a tradition, the two of us crossing the finish line together.  I joked that we’ll end up breaking that tradition at Boston, when Amye ditches me on Heart Break Hill.  We both know that will never happen. 

  In the end, I ran a 57:52, which is a PR by almost 3 minutes.  I was very happy to have found Amye.  I wouldn’t have been the same without her.  Victoria ran a 55:xx, beating me (finally) by two minutes.  Jen, in her first 10k ran a great time of a 1:03.  Her goal was a 1:10, which she beat easily. 

  I also found out that Erin will be running the full marathon with us again.  She thought she was going to run just the half.  Amye and I are probably going to start long runs in a couple of weeks.  She just needs to get healthy first. 

  Overall, I had a great run.  I think I could have run faster, but I’d rather lose the streak over Victoria and run with a friend when they need it.  I really hope that running with me the second half made it easier on her.  I’m really starting to get psyched about running Boston, and of course training with the team again!


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  “How in the world are you going to raise $4000!!??”  That’s the thought I’ve had running through my mind for quite a while.  I’ve posted a little about this before.  I’m trying to get UK and UL Basketball tickets to auction off.  In fact, I may have a line on tickets to the UK/UL game.  That would be great.

  I’ll also send letters to some of the businesses that I frequent.  Most are small businesses, but they are usually more willing to give than large.  In fact, my employer won’t give.  Heck, I may not be there after next week (layoffs on the way).  However, I do plan to do a jeans day with my VP’s group at work.  I figure, if everyone donates, that will be about $800.

  I think, at this point, my best bet is to have a letter/email campaign.  Due to the economic disaster we’re in right now, I’m thinking of taking a tip from 2006 Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh.  The concept is micro loans, lending very small amounts of money to people that have very little. 

  Instead, I’m going to do micro donating.  My plan, send out 400-500 letters/emails asking for a $10 donation.  Everyone I’ve talked to about this idea has said “Heck, I’ll give you ten bucks!”  I’m really hoping that is the sentiment across the board.  And, I think it will be.  I will tell people that they can give more if they’d like, but I only need $10.  Of course, my wife keeps saying “Do you know 400 people?”  I’m sure, between friends, family, work, her work, etc. we’ll have 400 people.

  On a CF front,  I’m doing well.  Nothing really to write about there.  My running is going OK.  It would be better, but the Baker’s Cyst on my right knee is bothering me, so I’ve been taking it easy.  I think Amye and I are going to start training at the beginning of December.  I’m looking forward to it, even though I don’t look forward to all my Saturdays being away from the family.

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