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Your what hurts?

  My Soleus ….  Typical overuse injury time.  I have a painful spot right in the middle of my left calf.  This is the typical Soleus muscle strain.  I’m taking two days off to let it rest up. 

  I was stupid last week.  Although my recovery run on Monday made my legs feel better, I also did a tempo run on Thursday.  Although it didn’t bother me then, it did on Friday.  I ended up having to cut my 12 miler on Sunday to 4.  I could have gone longer, in fact I could have finished it.  But, then I might have really injured myself.

  So, I’m calling this a cutback week.  Victoria and I are going to run 12 this weekend and next, and then begin the taper for the Half.  I don’t know that we’ll actually break two hours, but we will be very close.

  After the half, I’m going to go back to base building.  No more tempo runs until January.  I’d like to get up to about 45 miles per week by then.  At that point, I think I’ll be ready for the full.  I just hope I can do it without getting bored.  Maybe I’ll have to ask around on how to avoid that.


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The Day After

  I made a new discovery this week.  As I posted earlier, we ran a Fast Finish 10 miler on Sunday.  The first six miles at normal long run pace (about 10:30) and then the last 4 at Marathon Pace (about 9:20).  I felt ok afterwards, just a little tightness in my calves.  Well, I had to run on Monday (for stress relief), but knew that I couldn’t do too much.  So, I decided to attempt a true recovery run.

  I’ve never actually done a recovery run, because I was always too sore to run after say my long run.  I’m happy to report that after a 3 mile recovery on Monday and a 4 mile easy run today, I’m actually much less sore.  I guess that the slow, easy pace just loosens things up and allow for quicker, well, recovery.  The interesting thing is that it’s only Tuesday and I’m already up to 17 miles this week.  I’m pretty happy with that.  I may actually hit 32-33 miles this week, and maybe 35 next week.

   As far as the CF thing goes, there’s really not much to report.  I feel very good, with my PFT’s in very good shape.  I have a research study appointment this week, so I’ll be on Aztreonam for my half marathon in October.  I had labs done a few weeks ago.  The only interesting thing is that my Triglycerides have dropped about 75 points in about 6 months.  They are now 143, which is in the normal range.  My hypothyroidism is in good control, and I’ve had zero blood sugar issues.  Hopefully I can stay healthy until October 14th for my half.  That’s all for now.

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Fast Finish

  We ran a 10 miler yesterday, with the last four at “marathon” pace.  It was really Half-Marathon Pace.  Overall, we were able to do the 10 miles in a 10:07 pace.  Not bad at all.  We intentionally held back during the first six miles, running them in 10:29 average.

   I’m a little sore today, mostly my calves.  I need to find a fix for this, since it’s happening almost every time I run fast.  I’m pretty happy with that, since I did end up cutting the grass and we had company for dinner last night.  I may try to run an easy three or four miles tonight, just to loosen myself up a little. 

  I’m officially registering for the Dayton River Corridor Classic this week.  It’s my fall Half Marathon, and is on October 14th.  Hopefully I’ll be able to break 2:00:00.

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Three in a Row

  I’ve managed to string together 3 days of running in a row.  I did three miles on Saturday, and four miles on Sunday and Monday.  Now, that’s not back to my base, but at least I’m back to running.  My Achilles only hurts when I stop.  After about 15 minutes or so, the pain subsides, and I can walk normally.  I think it’s still the inflamation process.

  If I continue to improve like this, I should still be able to run the half in October.  I’m really hoping to get a few tempo runs in before then.  Today’s run was at a 10:15 pace, and my legs felt good.  My HR was kinda high at about 166, and I was having a little trouble with oxygen debt.  I think I should be able to keep up a 9:30 pace or so if I get the tempos in.

  I’m still shooting to break a 2 hour half.  I’m just not sure I can hold the pace the entire time.  However, the course in Dayton is very flat, so that will make it easier.  I feel like my stride and mechanics are good.  It’s just a matter of my power and stamina.  More stamina I think.  I can do a 9:00 or better pace for a while, but tire after about 25 mintes or so.  I guess I’ll just need to keep working toward the goal.  I’ll just have to see what happens.

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Almost Back

  My Achilles is almost back to 100%.  I tried to run this morning, and could have.  I think my Achilles would have rebelled later today, so I decided not to continue.  I’ll try again tomorrow, and make a decision at that point.  I hope to get my long run in on Sunday, even if it’s only 5-6 miles.  I should be at 11 this week.

   I thought I’d post a little about CF and the blog.  I’ve seen some hits coming from searches like “Longest Live Cystic Fibrosis Patient” and “Is there such thing as mild cystic fibrosis.”  I’ve also got someone that searches for “warthog from hell” on a regular basis…  Anyway, the oldest living CF Patient is in her 70’s, and she wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her 50’s.  Pretty good.  Also, yes, there is such a thing as Mild CF.  In fact, I have such a case.

  It takes two defective genes to have CF.  There are over 1500 different variations of the gene, but the most common is ∆F508, read Delta F 508.  Not only is it the most common, but also usually presents as the worst forms of CF.  Funny thing is that I have two of those genes that make up my CF status.  My older brother and sister had the same.  My brother died at about 5 days old in the early 50’s.  But, my sister was born in 1957, and lived to 30, almost 31.  That’s amazing for the time.

  See, the theory is that there are “modifier” genes that make the illness severe or mild.  I evidently have a mild modifier gene.  It’s partially luck of the draw, and partially compliance with meds, etc.  I truely believe that CF is no longer a death sentence.  Yes, there are some cases that are horrible and result in very young deaths.  But, I know that there are others that are in very good shape, in fact I know one friend that was diagnosed in her forties. 

  If you stumbled on this page while researching CF because you have a loved one diagnosed with CF, I am willing to help.  If you need to talk to someone with first hand experience, feel free to drop me a comment.  I doubt anyone will, but I just wanted to offer.

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